Be the one to deliver significant cost savings to your company.

Supplier breakdown forms are a key tool to enable you to understand what is behind the cost of the products from your suppliers. 

This lesson uses an automotive type breakdown form to guide you through the required data and inputs, explaining their uses and why they are required. 

By the end of this course...

By the end of this course, you will have a new eye for looking at your product cost and will be armed with the information you should be requesting from your suppliers.

This course puts you in a better position to understand, analyze, challenge and improve the cost of your products.

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Andy Pollard

I have been helping clients to understand and improve the cost of their products for more than 30 years. My knowledge and experience come from working with companies in Automotive, Aerospace, Rail and power generation. As a cost engineer, I have saved companies large sums of money on hundreds of different commodities. By creating courses in cost awareness and cost improvement, I can help others achieve the same, providing an important addition to any skillset, and an asset for any employer.