Freelancing Services

One to One Services

I am able to support your company directly by providing freelance cost engineer and cost modelling services. 

Over 40 years I have worked with companies to help them analyse and understand their product costs, set budgets for new programs & products, control the costs through the product development stages. Improve the product value & margin and reduce the long-term costs year on year. 

My extensive costing experience has been acquired in industries which include Automotive, Aerospace, Rail, Power generation machines and domestic electrical products. 

Some of the companies I have worked with include

I have supported companies with a wide variety of products and commodities.

Bespoke Costing Tools
and Cost Modelling

To support engineers and buyers I can also build product costing tools for various commodities that can provide pricing for a part, based on only technical inputs and dimensions. All of the core calculation and financial data is built into the model. When these tools are shared with a supplier, using a commercial agreement to reflect the supplier's economics, both parties are able to quickly cost new designs, reducing the need to ask the supplier to quote for every iteration, and eliminating the need to negotiate.

Introducing Costing Systems
into Your Company

Because of my wide experience using a number of commercial and Excel based costing systems, I am able to assist and advise your company with taking the first steps into costing your own products and developing improved control of your long-term product value.

For more details on my past experience, please view my LinkedIn profile .